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Page Updated April 28, 2017


Popular Programs

Judging from listener response, two recent Power & the Glory broadcasts are among the listener favorites throughout the program’s 17 years.  Both programs aired in April. The first is titled “When You Walk Through a Storm.”  That was followed two weeks later by a baseball story we titled “Home Plate.”  Both are available on CD and in print.  To listen, open our Power & the Glory webpage and use the Sound Cloud to hear programs dated 04 09 17 and 04 23 17.

Some Recent Comments from Listeners

“You’ll Never Walk Alone — The song’s words brought back my 1956 memories of my first week’s practice teaching.  With much thankfulness..”  – Gwen in California

“I am a retired veteran and former drug addict. Please send me a CD of the program ‘When You Walk Through a Storm.'” – Dan in California

“Please send me a copy of your radio script When You Walk Through a Storm.” – Lilly in Nebraska

“Thank you for keeping both he & I in prayer! It just seemed it was meant for me to hear the partial segment on the radio.” – Della in Tennessee

“Keep up the good work!” – Troy, AL

“I have enjoyed your great series on Revelation…” – Greenville, MS

“I pray for your ministries. Thanks again for your CDs. I hear them over and over.  Our Lord Jesus is great.”  – INDIA

“Wonderful program!” – Lafayette, CA

“Thank you so much for your lesson on Sanctification and for explaining that, as long as Christians are walking in the light, the blood of Jesus continually cleanses us.” – Albuquerque, NM

“Please send two copies of the program on Sanctification for my two sons.” – Enterprise, AL

“I would like to have a copy of your message on “Peace.” – Colonial Heights, VA

“Please send me more information on the church of Christ.” – Stockton, CA

“I would like to have more information on the church of Christ.” – Glendale, AZ

“We appreciate all your work on the broadcasts.” – Searcy, AR

“I want to start receiving House to House and also a Bible course.” – Georgetown, GA

“Please pray for me; I am a disabled veteran suffering from PTS.” – Daleville, AL

“I am a new listener. I would like to have today’s message on “The Two Choices.” – Wall, PA

“Would like to have more information on your radio ministry.” – Chattanooga, TN



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