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Page Updated February 3, 2017


SPECIAL SERIES — Starting with the February 5th edition, the Power & the Glory program will present a series of lessons on “The Seven Churches of Asia.”  Our texts will be from the second and third chapters of Revelation (the last book in the Bible).  These are letters the Lord dictated to John for those congregations; and they are representative of His congregations in any period of history.  A reminder that browsers can hear current and past programs by using the Sound Cloud on the Power & Glory page of this website.

NEW STATION —  We welcome WLMR FM 103.3 in Chattanooga to our list of stations airing Power & the Glory.  This is a sister station to WLMR AM, owned and operated by Wilkins Radio.



“I pray for your ministries. Thanks again for your CDs. I hear them over and over.  Our Lord Jesus is great.”  – INDIA

“Wonderful program!” – Lafayette, CA

“Thank you so much for your lesson on Sanctification and for explaining that, as long as Christians are walking in the light, the blood of Jesus continually cleanses us.” – Albuquerque, NM

“Please send two copies of the program on Sanctification for my two sons.” – Enterprise, AL

“I would like to have a copy of your message on “Peace.” – Colonial Heights, VA

“Please send me more information on the church of Christ.” – Stockton, CA

“I would like to have more information on the church of Christ.” – Glendale, AZ

“We appreciate all your work on the broadcasts.” – Searcy, AR

“I want to start receiving House to House and also a Bible course.” – Georgetown, GA

“Please pray for me; I am a disabled veteran suffering from PTS.” – Daleville, AL

“I am a new listener. I would like to have today’s message on “The Two Choices.” – Wall, PA

“Would like to have more information on your radio ministry.” – Chattanooga, TN



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