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Page Updated November 6, 2018

George Merritt and daughter Laura Helms take a break from their work in Studio G where Power & the Glory programs are produced and distributed.


Dr.  Stafford North from Oklahoma Christian University has again chosen to recognize this media ministry.  The article highlights Wilkins Radio’s reversal of its 2017 decision to take all church of Christ programs off its stations.  The piece appears on the GOOD NEWS page of OCU’s website.

We also stand indebted to Randal Matheny and Glenda Williams at for their coverage of our media outreach on more than one occasion.

<<<Coast to Coast >>>


KLNG AM, Omaha, NE

KLNG FM, Omaha, NE

KCRO AM, Omaha, NE

KCRO FM, Omaha, NE

WLMR AM, Chattanooga, TN

WLMR FM, Chattanooga, TN

WWNL AM, Pittsburgh, PA

WWNL FM, Pittsburgh, PA

KKIM AM, Albuquerque, NM

KXKS AM, Albuquerque, NM

KWDF AM, Alexandria, LA

KWDF FM, Alexandria, LA

KCBC AM, San Francisco, CA

KXXT AM, Phoenix, AZ

KLTT AM, Denver, CO

KLTT FM, Denver, CO

WHLF FM, South Boston, VA

WJOC AM, Chattanooga, TN

WZYX AM, Cowan, TN

WZYX FM, Winchester, TN

KVHU FM, Searcy, AR

WVVL FM, Enterprise, AL


WDYG AM, Dothan, AL

WCKF FM, Ashland, AL

The majority of these stations give Power & the Glory  one or more bonus airings each week. One station airs archived broadcasts daily as a public service.  In all, the broadcast is heard approximately 50 times each week.

Most of these stations, plus numerous other broadcasters, air our weekday spot George Merritt’s  GOD & COUNTRY.


To listen to Power & the Glory programs,  visit our Power & Glory webpage.

To  hear timely, minute-long messages from the archives of George Merritt’s God & Country, visit the God & Country page on this website.  These are changed each month.

A Sampling of Recent Listener Response

“I just discovered your website and am enjoying the sermons and singing.”  Alabama

“You and the good work you do are on our congregation’s prayer list every week now.” Virginia

“I am 59… Help me find salvation and love from Jesus Christ.” Washington

“I want to thank you for all your hard work and let you know how much I enjoy listening … I even download them to my mp3 player so I can listen while working around the house and while working in the field on the tractor.” Virginia

“Refreshing to hear a minister who doesn’t subscribe to “once saved, always saved.” Colorado

“Your radio sermons are penetrating and distinctively different.” Arizona

I am truly interested in learning as much as possible about my Savior Jesus Christ.” Nebraska

“My wife and I are visiting children in San Francisco. We are enjoying Power & the Glory ” INDIA via California

“Appreciated your sound and great lesson on Hell.” Mississippi

“The production quality of Power & the Glory is superb.” West Virginia

“I pick it up through the internet from Harding University.” Wyoming

“I pray that God will allow your proclaiming the saving gospel to continue for many years to come.”   Indiana

“God’s blessings upon each of you as you carry out His work. We are so honored to be able to be a small part.” – Tennessee

“We enjoyed listening to your message during our walk this morning.” – Alabama

“Your radio sermons are penetrating and distinctively different.” – Arizona

“I know your radio program touches many thousands of lives around the world…” – Alabama

Our Heroes

Continued thanks for the churches and individuals whose liberality makes this a thriving outreach.  Not to be overlooked is a large handful of Christian brothers and sisters who unselfishly give of their time and know-how. 

“Where in the world are our listeners?”

During 2017, we heard from listeners in nearly a hundred cities and towns across the United States! Also, correspondence was received from Ghana, India, Liberia, and Pakistan.  Below are the postmarks of approximately 500 U.S. listeners who contacted us last year.

Big Sandy, TX
Modesto, CA
Benton, AR
Dayton, TN
Meza, AZ
Youngtown, AZ
Dothan, AL
Denver, CO
Ashland, AL
Pittsburgh, PA
Decherd, TN
San Diego, CA
McCrory, AR
Tullahoma, TN
Omaha, NE
Ariton, AL
Sacramento, CA
Greenville, MS
Troy, AL
Sorona, CA
Goshen, AL
Lowell, IN
Georgiana, AL
Winchester, TN
Ione, CA
Colonial Hts, VA
Samson, AL
Bellevue, NE
Kimball, TN
Banks, AL
Lafayette, CA
Phoenix, AZ
Murfreesboro, TN
Luverne, AL
Stockton, CA
Searcy, AR
Charleston, TN
Lodi, CA
Estill Springs, TN
Elkhorn, NE
Booneville, MS
Galt, CA
Augusta, GA
Albuquerque, NM
Enterprise, AL
Pangburn, AR
Eufaula , AL
So. Chesterfield, VA
Glendale, CA
Mobile, AL
Spartanburg, SC
West Decatur, PA
Panoa, HI
Tracy, CA
Andalusia, AL
Pittsburg, CA
Broken Arrow, OK
Gallon, AL
Cheyenne, WY
Birmingham, AL
Houston, TX
Florence, AL
Avondale, AZ
Livermore, CA
Hope Hull, AL
Scottsdale, AZ
Aurora, CA
Freemont, CA
Wilson, NC
Lathrop, CA
Aquilar, CO
Antioch, CA
Montgomery, AL
St. Helena, CA
Atlanta, GA
Chancellor, AL
Luthersville, GA
Santa Barbara, CA
Monument, CO
Calhoun, CO
Jack, AL
Cherry Tree, PA
Oakdale, CA
Parker, CO
Boulder, CO
Corirova, CA
Copperopolis, CA

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