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KLNG AM, Omaha, NE

KLNG FM, Omaha, NE

KCRO AM, Omaha, NE

KCRO FM, Omaha, NE

WLMR AM, Chattanooga, TN

WLMR FM, Chattanooga, TN

WWNL AM, Pittsburgh, PA

WWNL FM, Pittsburgh, PA

KKIM AM, Albuquerque, NM

KXKS AM, Albuquerque, NM

KWDF AM, Alexandria, LA

KWDF FM, Alexandria, LA

KCBC AM, San Francisco, CA

KXXT AM, Phoenix, AZ

KLTT AM, Denver, CO

KLTT FM, Denver, CO

WHLF FM, South Boston, VA

WJOC AM, Chattanooga, TN

WZYX AM, Cowan, TN

WZYX FM, Winchester, TN

KVHU FM, Searcy, AR

WVVL FM, Enterprise, AL


WDYG AM, Dothan, AL

WCKF FM, Ashland, AL

Many of these stations provide us bonus airings one to three times per week.  One broadcaster airs archived Power & the Glory programs daily as a public service.  All in all, our half-hour gospel broadcasts are airing approximately 50 times each week.

Most of these stations plus numerous other broadcasters air our weekday 55-second vignette George Merritt’s GOD & COUNTRY.


Good News

The founder and CEO of the Wilkins Radio Network, headquartered in Spartanburg, South Carolina, has apologized for a decision made in 2017. All programs produced and paid for by the churches of Christ were abruptly taken off all Wilkins stations.  Bob Wilkins has had a change of heart; and his network has invited programs such as Power & the Glory back on the network’s stations.  Wilkins Vice President Barry Bright has played a key role in bringing about this reversal.

South Boston, Virginia

WHLF-FM 95.3 is now airing Power & the Glory at 9:30 Sunday mornings.  The program is sponsored by the South Boston Church of Christ in South Boston, Virginia. 

Objectives of Power & the Glory Programs: 

– To improve the moral climate of our society.
– To break down prejudice in human hearts.
– To edify the church with biblical messages.
– To lead unsaved persons to Jesus Christ.
– To provide listeners with research and study materials.

Overview of Power & the Glory

The Lord be willing, Power & the Glory will air its 1,000th consecutive program in 2019.  This half-hour weekly program is the older of two radio broadcasts produced and distributed by  ‘Good Radio News.’  We began in 2000 on what was WRJM-FM, Ozark, Alabama. P&G is now heard some 50 times each week on 25 stations from coast to coast.   Our stations represent several networks plus independent broadcasters.  The programs may be heard worldwide via this website and also the internet streaming of  the stations.  Under the oversight of the Church of Christ at Ariton, Alabama, George Merritt is the speaker and producer. George Atnip is the program’s announcer. Roger Howell is our Tech Support. Kym Hornsby serves as GRN’s bookkeeper; and Laura Helms handles our distribution of materials to both stations and listeners.  The beautiful A Cappella music is from recordings by various singing groups and congregations.  Each year, we mail out thousands of CDs, printed lessons, Bible courses, DVDs, and other materials requested by listeners. The air time, operational expenses, and study materials are funded by some 50 churches of Christ and individuals.

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