God & Country

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They Were Never Asked!
The Truth About Our Healthcare Crisis!
Incivility: A National Crisis; It’s Causes & Cures!
People We Forget, and Those We Remember!
What We Ought to Ask of God!
What We All Need to Count!



About These Programs

George Merritt’s God & Country vignettes were produced and distributed to as many as 70 radio stations from 2004 to 2016.  The GRN ministry now makes selected, non-dated programs available to interested broadcasters; and a number of stations are airing these archived programs.

We are uploading a sampling of these programs each month on this page with a prayer that these patriotic and spiritual vignettes will bless many.

If these one-minute messages are beneficial, we would love to hear from you.

Write to:  George Merritt, P. O, Box 946, Troy, AL 36081
Email:  george@goodradionews.com
Call:  334 674 2869

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