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Another Example of Our Society’s Replacing Jesus Christ

The Most Influential Person in History

‘First Corinthians 13 – The Christmas Version’

Songs of the Season

The Best Gifts for the Children

Grandpa’s Christmas Eve

    History and Status of  ‘George Merritt’s God & Country’

“They’re back!” This famous line from the Poltergeist 2 movie describes what has happened with our second syndicated radio program.  George Merritt’s God & Country ended in the summer of 2016 after twelve years of airing daily on as many as 70 stations across the U.S.  Production of these vignettes required more than 50 hours per month of Merritt’s time – time now needed elsewhere.

It was both humbling and painful to hear regrets from so many broadcasters and listeners. The one word we kept hearing over and over was the word archives.  “Isn’t there some way we can go back and re-use archived messages,” asked businessman and church leader Ronnie Young?

After several months of production “test flights” over a handful of stations, these daily spots are “On the Air” again in many places. And, that number is increasing.  Yes, listeners can now hear minute-messages from years gone by, but which are still timely and timeless.

We are uploading a sampling of these programs each month on this page of our website.

Recommend this program to the people at your favorite radio station and ask them to contact us for more information.

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