Ariton Church of Christ Bldg.
Ariton, Alabama

Sunday Bible Class 9 a.m.
Sunday Worship Hour 10 a.m.
Wednesday Bible Class 6:00 p.m.

Contact: 334 674 2869

Charlie Carter
Sammy Carter

Charlie Carter, the Ariton Church,
&   Religious Broadcasting

Charlie Carter was instrumental in establishing the Ariton, Alabama Church of Christ in 1996. In doing so, he realized a long-time dream of having a congregation in the town where he lived, reared his family, and built a thriving business.

Four years later, brother Carter had another dream  of utilizing George Merritt’s religious broadcasting experience. The result was the debut of Power & the Glory on a nearby Ozark radio station in September of 2000. For these reasons, we dedicate this website to his memory.

In 2004, Merritt went full-time with this work. Power & the Glory is currently heard on numerous stations across the USA.  We also hear from listeners around the world via this website and the internet streaming of virtually all our affiliate stations. Power & the Glory is closing in on its 2,000th consecutive weekly broadcast.

Also, in 2004, George Merritt’s God & Country debuted. These faith-based and patriotic radio spots aired daily on some 70 stations across the USA, utilizing free air time. More than 3,100 of these minute-messages aired during the program’s twelve year run. A number of broadcasters are still airing undated programs from the G&C archives.

Under the umbrella “Good Radio News”, this radio/internet ministry hears from hundreds of  listeners per year and is weekly distributing requested Bible study materials. Only Heaven knows the number around the world who are listening and accessing the materials on this website.

Financial support from churches of Christ and individual Christians makes possible the continuity and growth of this outreach.

Merritt has been involved in radio evangelism throughout his 50+ years of ministry. He has spoken on more than 10,000 gospel radio programs. His radio evangelism has been recognized by the Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge, Pennsylvania and Amridge University in Montgomery, Alabama. He has also lectured on “Religious Broadcasting” at Harding University in Searcy, Arkansas.